Our Team


As Director I am responsible for our finances. Having had a successful career in the construction industry I also oversee the installations
within the business.

I'm a lover of golf, wine & cheese and enjoy spending my holidays in the French countryside or in a small Portugese fishing village


I have a degree in Consumer Product Design and over ten years design experience. As Director and lead Interior Designer I am responsible design and sales in the business. 

Outside of work I enjoy playing ice hockey. 


Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Interior Design, I have worked in the industry for multiple years and living across the world has enabled me to bring a breadth of design knowledge to the company. As Showroom Manager I look forward to seeing Bagno become Edinburgh’s leading bathroom design studio.

Outside of work I’ll be curled up with a book, skiing or spending time with family and friends.



I’m a designer with a degree in Product Design. My many years of design experience, from industrial to mechanical, now sees me work with the design team to create and develop 3D Visuals that are presented to clients to assist their understanding of their project through high quality photo realistic images.

An avid gamer and musician, I also love to cook & exercise.